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Quality Furniture and Accessories Equate to Higher Condo Rental Revenue

Posted By: Terry Adams In: Market News
Date: Sun, Mar 1st 2015 3:24 pm

The buzzword for real estate has always been location, location, location. Ocean front condos usually garner higher rental fees than inland condos, or even ocean view condos. However, location alone won’t keep a unit rented; now that ante is upped. For the highest rental revenues, rentals need to be furnished with quality furniture and accessories. Renters, especially millennials and baby boomers, are very visual people, pouring over pictures on the Internet to help them make choices from afar. They understand that nothing is truer than “what you see is what you get”.

As an owner, if you’ve found you’re just not getting the revenues you expect - perhaps it’s time to look at your unit with a more critical eye.  Is the decorating evoking thoughts of tasteful, high quality, and cared for? Or is it screaming college hang  out with mismatched slip covers and outdated accessories? Take the time to compare your unit with other units, if the difference is between nice furnishings for the same price, renters will pick the nicer one!  It may be time to update, refresh, and rejuvenate the look of your condo to keep it competitive in the rental market.

When an ocean front condo owner goes the extra mile, paying extra attention to the finer details that will entice discerning renters; they will certainly make their investment back in higher rental fees and draw in quality guests.